Our Mission

Grace Playschool keeps high standards in a quality program in which children are exposed to activities which are age appropriate. Young children learn through play. Play experiences help the child develop in four main areas: physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Through play, children begin to relate to each other, to share, and to feel comfortable in a happy, safe, caring environment. As teachers recognize the individuality of each child, they help the child construct their own knowledge of the world around them by using their senses, and experimentation while improving their language skills. In a relaxed atmosphere, children learn to feel trust away from home; they learn to accept differences in each other and have compassion for others and things around them in nature. All of this builds self-esteem in the child, giving him/her a happy, well-adjusted feeling while enjoying and having fun in a school environment.

In a cooperative school, parents participate in the classroom and share the workings of the school, its management and function. Our staff strives to develop a close working relationship with parents. Our staff encourages good practices of relating to children and helping children develop to their fullest potential.

A cooperative school is fulfilling for both children and parents.

Grace Playschool Staff