Enrichment Classes

Throughout the year we offer a variety of enrichment classes. The children focus on a specific topic and through the use of an integrated curriculum, incorporate Language Arts, Math and Science into the children’s experience.  Here are some classes we have offered:

  • Art enrichment classes allow children to learn about artists, explore self expression and creativity while experimenting with different art media. 
  • Construction is great for our builders.  We make plans, build with so many different materials, solve engineering problems and get creative while also building confidence and skills in planning, teamwork, physics and math! 
  • Cooking is hands-on learning!   Measuring, planning, comparing, an introduction to recipe reading and nutrition.  Children work together, take turns, and experience ingredients with multiple senses.  And they can enjoy eating what they’ve made! 
  • Let’s Get Moving with fun activities and games to improve gross motor skills, promote cooperative play and learn how we can take good care of our bodies 
  • STEAM is a big favorite as we explore science, technology, engineering, art and design and math concept, all through active play.
  • Theatre helps children express themselves and “act it out.”  They work together with teachers to create a short show based on the children’s ideas,  and everyone helps with their costume, props, even dance moves!