Four Year Old Program

Our Four Year Old students develop confidence and independence as they continue to form bonds with friends and teachers. Lessons are planned to incorporate hands on exploration and age appropriate activities which will ensure that students are prepared for Kindergarten. Pre-reading skills and literacy are emphasized in all activities, with mathematics and science integrated throughout the curriculum.

The Four Year Old Class runs for 2 ½ or 4 ½ hours per day. ** Also, inquire about an extended day for your 4 year old.

Pre-K Enrichment

The Pre-K Enrichment program emphasizes pre-reading skills using a thematic approach to learning. The children concentrate on letter recognition, letter sounds and letter formation within the context of literature, poetry and music. Left to right progression, return swing and language development are an integral part of the program. The children are given a strong foundation on which future reading success is built. All of this learning is conducted in a warm, nurturing environment where the teacher is trained in early childhood development and early literacy.