Three Year Old Program

The three-year-old class supports nurtures and guides a year of amazing development in your child. Children learn the social skills of communicating well with both adults and other children outside of a family setting, and the important school skills of listening, working and playing in a class. They gain a sense of accomplishment and pride while working in a wide variety of art media, and a sense of mastery as they learn the routines of the school day.

Our lessons and projects revolve around the seasons, holidays, our community, color and shape concepts, and great children’s literature. The day begins with outdoor play in our well-equipped playground, or in the gym if the weather is inclement. There is plenty of opportunity to run and climb, with swings, slides, and climbing structures, as well as pretend play at the playhouses and sand table. There is also frequent use of our paved bike area with its tricycles, scooters and cars.

Each day there is a teacher, assistant and parent of the day in the class. The child of the day enjoys ringing our bell, leading the line, providing snack and bringing in a favorite book to be read to the class. Once in the colorful, welcoming classroom, there is circle time, and the child of the day helps with the attendance name cards as we work on name and letter recognition. We read the book they’ve chosen, and discuss the day’s projects and themes. Each child has the opportunity to make choices for free play in the house area, block area and easels, as well as the more structured activities at project tables.

After cleanup, we come back together in the group for a book and songs, or a game. Then hands are washed, and everyone enjoys the social time of snack. The day ends with another outdoor play period, or special indoor activity.

Academic skills of letter recognition, number concepts, pre-writing skills, shapes and colors are integrated within the curriculum. We support self-help habits such as putting on, removing and hanging up jackets, washing hands, putting away toys and cleaning up after snack.

The three-year-old class is a wonderful place for children to grow and learn. They have many opportunities for hand-on experiences with all kinds of art media, imaginative play props and toys. They grow confident as they master the school routines, and get to know their friends, in a loving, nurturing environment.

The Three Year Old Class runs for 4 ½ hours per day.
** Also, inquire about an extended day for your 3 year old.